The Benjamin Patterson Inn was built in 1796.  Benjamin Patterson and his wife, Sarah Patterson, were the first Innkeepers.

Tour the oldest existing tavern in the Lands of the Painted Post. The Williamson Road, now known as Route 15, along with the Chemung River was the frontier highway.  These two routes of travel allowed people to come to this region to buy land from the Pulteney Estate.  The Pattersons welcomed the weary travelers with a place to sleep and a hot meal.

While here you will see:

• The Tavern or Tap Room, visitors and guests socialized and conducted business

• The Dining Room where meals were served from the kitchen

• The Kitchen, with a working open hearth fireplace 

• The Long Room, houses our extensive collection of textile equipment

• The Guest Quarters, portrayed c1800

• The Patterson’s Quarters, where the Innkeepers family lived

While at the Patterson Inn Museum please visit:

The Wixon Road Log Cabin, circa 1855

The Browntown Schoolhouse, circa 1878

The Starr Barn, agricultural exhibit

And the Cooley Blacksmith Shop circa 1870

Take some time to walk around the grounds while visiting the other buildings on this site to see our:

Herb Garden


Our vegetable garden was planned, planted, and tended by Jean Walker (in picture). This year Jean planted a wide variety of heirloom vegetables including fingerling potatoes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, yellow squash, lemon cucumber, painted lady beans, and more. Additionally the garden has a small patch of broom corn, and a thriving hops vine.

Tobacco in bloom - (along the split rail fence is planted a few tobacco plants.) Tobacco was a cash crop in the Chemung River valley, this tobacco would be used to make cigars.